For Granted

Welcome to this week’s blog post! I am talking about my growth on the topic of gratefulness.

At the start of high school, I took many things for granted, but I started to see my privilege and all the things I had that others didn’t.

The main reason my mindset started to shift is because I was exploring what christianity meant to me. I was raised a christian, but the start of high school made me start to seek more information. One thing I saw as a common theme within all I was learning, was to be grateful for what God has given me. I started implicating gratefulness into my life. My everyday thoughts started to become positive; I even felt happier. It is hard to feel excited everyday when you constantly think about what you don’t have or what could be better. So, I realized appreciating what I had made me think less about the bad things.

I have recently seen one of my friends find gratefulness in her hardships. My friend, in the past couple of years, has experienced a change in her family life. This has caused her to be raised by a single parent, and she has poor relations with the other parent. She has even had to take on a job to pay for bills and luxuries. I recently spent the day with her and realized how amazing she is. She doesn’t complain and has a positive attitude. I realized that I don’t have to worry about paying bills or buying new clothes, and yet I still complain more than her. I need to be grateful for all I have.

I started high school three years ago, and now I am beginning my last year, senior year. Throughout this time, I’ve realized all that I take for granted. So, I compiled a list.

Ian’s For Granted List:

  • My car– My car is a 2008 Honda CRV; it’s name is Bessy, and it’s a little beat up after my mom handed it down to me. I know the privilege of having a car at the age of 17, but I often find myself wanting a newer car. There is no need for a new car because mine functions perfectly and gets the job done. My car has brought me many adventures, late night talks, and memories; for that, I am forever grateful.
  • My phone– My phone is a blue iPhone XR. It has been through many adventures. I have 7,403 photos and 835 videos to account for it. I know that phones are expensive. I don’t complain about my phone, but I also don’t always appreciate it. My phone allows me to connect with my friends and family. I am forever grateful for all the adventures and memories it has captured.
  • My youth and time– As a teenager, I have no responsibility except for school and my health and safety. This allows me time to do what I want, but I haven’t always taken advantage of that. I could have spent more time with friends in middle school, or skipped a nap to go get slushes with friends. I will always remember to make the best of every moment. I am especially trying to do that this year, my last year of high school.
  • My high school– I attend a charter high school. My teachers are some of the best people I have ever met; I have taken for granted all the things they have taught me. My school also provides experiences that I never dreamed high school could be. I sometimes find the worst in the moments, but right now I am smiling thinking about all the good.
  • My vacations- I have experienced many vacations because my mom believes in experiences instead of materialistic things. I have been on cruises and to major US cities. I have taken these vacations for granted; they have allowed me and my family to become closer, and I have experienced different part of the US and world. I am excited to look back one day and tell my kids all about the things their grandparents, uncle, and I did!

I hope you all have reflected while reading this and though of something you take for granted. I want to invite you to create you own For Granted List and share it in the comments. It doesn’t have to be as in-depth as mine, but having conversations will allow us to see what we have to be grateful for.


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